Make Job Loss Work For You
Chapter Headings

What Can I Expect Now?
There’s a Job Loss Reaction Cycle—and everyone goes through it!
Learn how to move from Anger to Acceptance and Affirmation
What Do I Do Now?
There are lots of myths about the job search process.  This chapter debunks
some of those myths and explores the real Do’s and Don’ts

 What do I Have to Offer?
Identify your best skills.  Hint: what you most enjoy doing is what you do best.
 And what you do best is what you most enjoy doing!

What Are My Options?
We all have options based on our cognitive, affective, and conative strengths.
You’ll be pushed to identify at least three viable options  for that ideal job.
And how to really explore your options.

What About A Resume?
    Resume basics.  Resume formats.  References.     
A good resume is one when a decision maker reads it,
And says, “Wow, just what we need!!”

How Do I Interview Successfully?
Preparation.  Preparation.  Preparation.
We’ll show you how to get prepared!
And learn how to say, “I want the job!”

How Do I Find and Respond to Job Openings?
Only about 15-20% of openings are listed where you can easily find them. 
We’ll show you how to find the other 80% of openings, one which is just right for you.

What Is The Deems JobGetting Skills™ System?
It’s a very pro-active five-step approach to
turn job hunting into JobGetting!
And it works.

How Do I Negotiate the Final Package?
Can you negotiate the final package?   More often than not, you can.
And it shows confidence, enthusiasm, drive, and readiness to get the job done.  Well.

How Do I Get Started In My New Job?
Tips on how to get started so you can make a difference.  And win the confidence
and support of your new co-workers.

Epilogue:  But I Don’t Feel Like It!
OK, so some days you don’t feel like it.  You can take a day or so off – but no more!
We’ll show you how to keep up your energy.

 Appendix:  Should I Become Self-Employed?
It’s an option for some, and not for others.  We’ll show you what’s involved in
making the decision.
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