Career Coaching

Individual  career coaching can be arranged.
  • We can coach you to identify your best options, based on what you most enjoy doing (which is what you do best).
  • We can coach you in how to find job openings.  Hint:  most jobs are in large organizations, but most openings (which is what you want) are in smaller organizations.
  • We can work with you to prepare a resume that gets the attention of key decision makers.
  • Interviewing?  Sure, we can get you prepared for that interview.  It's all about preparation.
  • We can coach you in how to accept an offer and even negotiate for special perks.
  • We can coach you in how to identify your Natural Strengths, using the Kolbe technology.
  • And we will coach you in how to turn job hunting into JobGetting.  Others can be job-hunters.  We want you to be a JobGetter!

We don't do "one size fits all" work.  All of our career coaching is individualized depending on the client's needs. We may meet face-to-face.  Or we may do all of our work via phone and internet.  First, let's talk.

Call 800-432-6918 and we'll get you started on your new venture.

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