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A wise man does not dwell in the past.  "Make Job Loss Work For You: Get Over It and Get Your Career Back on Track" is a guide for the recently unemployed who want to recover from their sudden loss and best get to the next step in their career.  With advice on conquering emotions and looking on the positive side of it all, Richard & Terri Deems go far and above giving sage advice on overcoming temporary unemployment.  "Make Job Loss Work for You" is a must for those who want unemployment to only be a transition.  
From Midwest Book Review (11/09)

This is the FIRST thing you should read if you've been laid off, your job has been eliminated, or you are contemplating a change.  Terri and Richard are amazing commonsense people whose advice is concise, helpful and successful, when followed.  I truly believe that what you do in the first several days following a termination/change often does determine success in the following months.  Written in a clear, concise, easy-to -understand way, this book truly is different from others on the market and will help you understand the process as you Make Job Loss Work for You: Get Over It and Get Your Career Back on Track through the transition to your next career.
Roxy B

VERDICT  Covering all the basics, this work is recommended for job seekers, including those who have been laid off, and is especially appropriate for professionals and management-level workers.
Library Journal, 11/01/09

I purchased your book "Make Job Loss Work for You" on Tuesday.  Great book and I wish I had purchased this book six months ago when I accepted my job lay-off.  I read up to chapter 5 and went back and completed the exercises.  It was hard work but worth the improvement.

I skimmed Chapter 7 & 8 and not read yet.  I would like to focus more on these chapters, mostly 7.  I want to make sure my resume is "polished" and reflects what I accomplished clearly so a reader notices the type of worker stated on my resume and wants to contact me.
Kenny D

News from CNBC Radio

I'm Chris Maurer, CNBC Radio

Unemployment is now at a 26 year high--and heading towards the ten percent mark.  If you find yourself on the wrong end of a layoff--there are some things to do to help you get past the roller coaster of emotions and score a new job.

In their new book, "Make Job Loss Work For You"--career counselors Richard and Terri Deems stress that what you do in the early days of job loss will greatly influence your success in the coming weeks or months.  Some strategies they recommend--

Take stock of yourself.  Know what you can offer an employer and what you want.

Think positively.  Focus on your past successes and those you will make in the future.  T

Talk with your family.  Be open with your emotions to the closest to you. 

Be accessible to people.  Answer your phone and take meetings.  Be enthusiastic.

Set up an office in your home earmarked for your job search.

And resolve that a year from now you'll thank y our former employer for doing you a favor.

Chris Maurer, CNBC Radio

Distributed September 09 to 144 CNBC Radio affiliates.

"Dick and Terri Deems have taken their combined years of successful career counseling experience and synthesized that experience down into a five-step process for finding your next job.  People suffering through a job loss now have another much-needed job-finding arrow in their quiver of job search weapons and a simplified job-finding system that will reduce the length of time they remain unemployed.  Good job Deems family!"
Dick Gaither, President
Job Search Training Systems, Inc.
Author, best seller The Wizard of Work

“Drs. Richard Deems and Terri Deems’ book Make Job Loss Work for You provides insightful step-by-step guidance for those of us who have had to transition jobs or careers. This book could not be more timely since every industry and job class has been impacted dramatically by the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009. I’m a benefactor of the knowledge they share in Chapter 8. You too can use the excellent examples, insights and personal accounts to obtain your next rewarding and well deserved job.”
Mel Rambo
President and CEO
Equitable Reserve Association
Neenah, Wisconsin

I was out of town this weekend and returned home today to the delight of my personally autographed copy
of your new book! I've already begun reading it and have added it to my Book List on my Linked-In profile
as well.
I'm looking forward to finishing this trusted resource and sharing it with other colleagues, clients and friends.
Thanks and continued success!
Darlene W

I got the book last week on-line from Amazon.com.  I've read some of it; like the personal stories.  I knew about the job-loss cycle from your previous work.  The book can be used even if you have not been fired. Sometimes there are people like myself, who are unhappy in their job.  They may feel trapped.  Make Job Loss Work for You can help you find that perfect job or at least a better job.  That is why I decided to buy the book. Am glad I did!

Thanks for your positive thoughts.  The very next day I had an interview and your tips and suggestions helped me tremendously.  Thank you for all your excellent information.  You have a talent and knowledge that is needed in today's economic times.   
Take care,
Deb C.

I enjoyed your workshop and learned a lot too!
Kathy V.
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