Why Should I Hire You?
Richard S Deems, PhD

You can count on it being asked sometime during the interview.  Most often, it’s after most other questions have been asked.  Then the interviewer looks straight in your eyes and asks, “Why should I hire you?”

Great!   Because you’ll be ready for it.
This is the one question we encourage JobGetters to “memorize” their response.  

And your response should be quick, said with energy and enthusiasm, and with conviction.  In other words, you really believe what you’re saying.

“Why should you hire me?   Well, first, as we’ve talked, I have the skills and experience you need to get the job done.  Second, I have the vision, the desire, you’re looking for and the energy and enthusiasm to bring it to reality.  And third, your company is the kind of place and has the kind of work culture where I’d like to contribute… AND I WANT THE JOB!”

It’s as easy as that.  

No fumbling for words.   No “aahs” and “oohs.”

Just “First… Second… Third…”

Said with energy and looking the questioner straight in the eye.

You’ll probably need to practice this, and hear yourself saying it out loud several times before you’re comfortable with this kind of response.  But that’s OK.    Don’t forget to add the phrase, “I want the job.”  If you really want the job it’s so very important that you tell the decision maker you want the job.  Why?
Decision makers are just like other people – they don’t like to be turned down.  Let’s say there are two of you who are about equal as finalists.  The decision maker likes both of you.  You tell the decision maker you want the job, the other candidate does not.  
The decision maker will stop and say, “Hmm – one told me she wanted the job, the other didn’t.  If I offer it to the person who told me she wants the job, I’m pretty sure she’ll accept our offer.  But I don’t know about the other person…  OK, that’s easy – I offer the position to the person who I’m pretty sure will accept, the person who told me she wants the job.”
And that’s the way it works!

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